7 thoughts on “Student Directory”

  1. eteteobediah18 says:

    Hello everyone i am new here and i just finish my Udemy in machine learning/Data science

  2. amersiem says:

    Hello are there practice exams for the DAta Engineer Associate exam by AWS?

    1. Frank Kane says:

      Not from us, but I’ve seen a few offered on Udemy. There’s of course the free 20-question one AWS offers as well.

      1. amersiem says:

        Thank you for getting back to me Frank, I appreciate it!

  3. rjg-business says:

    Helloooooo Everyone. I just joined. I heard about Sundog Education after I purchased Frank’s “AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty 2024 – Hands On!” class on Udemy.

    Currently busy doing what may be a bad idea, and that is preparing to write the Machine Learning Specialty exam despite having no data science & AI/ML experience 🙂

    I just purchased the 10-course SUNDOG MEGA-BUNDLE, and wondering what is the recommended order/sequence to take the classes?

    1. Frank Kane says:

      Thanks for the purchase!

      All of our courses are designed to stand on their own; there is no specific order. But if your goal is to pass the AWS ML exam, I’d definitely prioritize the Data Science, Machine Learning, and Generative AI course! For further guidance, check out our FAQ at https://www.sundog-education.com/help/

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