Apache Kafka: Hands-On Real World Use Cases

Build a series of end-to-end serverless applications, powered by Upstash Kafka and Redis

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This quick 2 1/2 hour course is full of hands-on workshops for using Kafka to build real-world applications, including:

  • A URL shortener app with Kafka, Node.js, Cloudflare, and Materialize
  • A live content moderation system using Kafka, Redis, AWS Lambda, Next.js and Sightengine
  • Streaming live Tweets from Twitter into Kafka via AWS Lambda
  • An Android mobile app streaming logs into Kafka, and using Redis for data storage – with React Native
  • Connecting Stripe to Apache Kafka using Webhooks

Upstash sponsored the creation of these videos, and they illustrate using Upstash’s platform to let you quickly create Kafka and Redis clusters in the cloud, for free while you learn (you could use your own Kafka and Redis clusters if you wish, too). You’ll build complete, working apps in a fully serverless environment, totally hands-on – it’s great experience that will expose you to a wide variety of important technologies. I’m pretty proud with how it came out, and I think you’ll enjoy these videos.

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Frank Kane Frank Kane Author

Frank spent 9 years at Amazon and IMDb, developing and managing the technology that automatically delivers product and movie recommendations to hundreds of millions of customers, all the time. Frank holds 17 issued patents in the fields of distributed computing, data mining, and machine learning. In 2012, Frank left to start his own successful company, Sundog Software, which focuses on virtual reality environment technology, and teaching others about big data analysis.

Free Course!


Check out this course for free, and get a feel for the style of our courses risk-free.

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  1. Shashikant Patil says:

    Nice one

  2. bendibhafededdine says:

    Is there any completion certificate after terminating this course?

    1. Frank Kane says:

      No, we don’t offer certificates for free courses.

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