Mastering the Systems Design Interview

Ready to Ace your next Systems Design Interview?!

In this course, you will get tips, tricks, and practice interviews with a former hiring manager from Amazon, who interviewed thousands of software engineers and hired hundreds.

Frank Kane will share the secrets of what your interviewer is looking for and the technologies you’re expected to know. And we all know practice makes perfect, so you’ll also get six mock system design interviews with real-world interview questions from the biggest tech employers.

A technical interview loop is a demanding process, and the system design part is often the most challenging. This course gets you prepared, and maximizes your odds of landing a new job that could change your life.

Now through the end of the month, you can enroll in this course for just $9.99!

This course includes 5 hours of on-demand video content that will cover everything you need to know before starting your next interview:

  • Techniques for scaling distributed systems and service fleets
  • Database technologies and “NoSQL” solutions
  • Use of caching to improve scalability and performance
  • Designing for resiliency and handling failures
  • Distributed storage solutions
  • A review of algorithms and data structures
  • Processing big data with Apache Spark
  • An overview of cloud computing resources
  • Interview strategies for structuring your system design interview
  • Six full mock interviews with real-world system design interview questions
  • General tips and tricks for a successful technical interview

This course is for experienced software engineers who need some extra preparation prior to a challenging system design interview.

This course is currently available at and also will be available on Udemy soon…but you’ll only be able to get it at its BEST price of $9.99 at (now through the end of the month)! 

Enroll today, and you’ll have every advantage going into your next tech interview!

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Frank Kane

Frank spent 9 years at Amazon and IMDb, developing and managing the technology that automatically delivers product and movie recommendations to hundreds of millions of customers, all the time. Frank holds 17 issued patents in the fields of distributed computing, data mining, and machine learning. In 2012, Frank left to start his own successful company, Sundog Software, which focuses on virtual reality environment technology, and teaching others about big data analysis.

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