Updates to the AWS Certified Data Analytics Prep Course

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We recently updated our AWS Certified Data Analytics prep course on Udemy for changes in 2021. S3 now offers strong consistency, making EMRFS consistent by default. Amazon’s guidance for choosing instance types for EMR clusters has also been updated, and the maximum retention period for Kinesis has increased from 7 to 365 days. We don’t know how quickly the exam will adapt to these changes, but you’ll know about them when they do.

Cloudera has also been making some changes to their pricing to require subscriptions for pretty much everything, and as such, they’ve made the free Hortonworks Data Platform Sandbox (which we use in our Ultimate Hands-On Hadoop course) hard to find. We’ve updated our setup lecture to point you in the right place for that.

There have been numerous other small updates to most of our courses since our last update; the start of the year tends to come with a lot of change. But as always, we remain committed to keeping our courses up to date for you!

The latest news in data science and machine learning includes four predictions for AI & Machine Learning in 2021, how AI can improve website security, and public datasets are improving decision making.

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