2 thoughts on “[Activity] Streaming Linear Regression”

  1. Ahmed Khalil says:

    Hello Frank,
    Thank you for putting this amazing course together. I’m really gaining great insights here.

    When we speak on Scala VS Python for Spark programming. Which one do you prefer for large scale applications? I know that spark itself was written in Scala, however, I have noticed that this course is using Scala and the other course for spark 3 is using Python…

    Have a great day.


  2. Frank Kane says:

    Well, it used to be that you would get better performance and more features by choosing Scala, but the gap has closed between Python and Scala in the past year or so. As Python seems to be ubiquitous in the world of data analytics and machine learning now, there is certainly something to be said for focusing on proficiency in Python. Nothing wrong with using Scala but there isn’t as much benefit to it as there used to be.

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